What The F*#K is a Creativity Coach?

You may not need one. You might be your own creativity coach, and that’s cool – you’ll find plenty of resources here to help you.

Professional athletes, and even spiritual seekers all have coaches or guru’s.  Simply put; they help you point out your blind spots and improve what creativity means for you. I take that one step further and help facilitate the process where you determine and define meaning by adding values to your creative endeavours. My goal is to help you reach “flow-state”. Or as I like to say, help you create in “Satori-State”. Satori is a moment of stillness that feels like eternity.  A moment enclosed within it’s self which is one with all and complete in and of it’s self. My goal, is to help you create that state so that you can produce from it art which is fulfilling in the deepest sense.

What I do is help you build your own creative rituals, completely unique to you, that allows you to tap into your unlimited creativity in a consistent yet spontaneous manner. It’s not about formulas or paint by numbers, it’s about you. Before you embark on a creative journey or a project, I help you draw yourself a roadmap for your creative path and I accompany you on the trip, being your eyes and ears for when you lose sight of the reason you started it. The best way to describe what I do is, I’m a relationship coach between you and your creative self.


Let me Guide you on your creative journey, to find your way back to the “play-state”, Where your projects are fun and fulfilling again.